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What Your Generous Contribution Supports at LITE 

We are LITE (Living in Transition Effectively), a nonprofit organization in your community that is rapidly growing. We were founded 4 years ago to help support and lead the recovery community with positive connections and outcomes and are dedicated to assisting incarcerated individuals in making a successful transition back into their community. LITE supports all pathways to recovery and believes that we are all recovering from something.

We offer peer-led programs, mentoring, training, resources, and free meals. Our vision is to encourage personal, relational, and spiritual transformation through community collaboration. We operate as a LITE Recovery Community Organization (RCO), as a Recovery Residence for women called LITEhouse, a LITE Recovery Cafe, a Regional Recovery Hub (covering Kosciusko, Cass, Elkhart, Fulton, Marshall, St. Joe counties), and facilitating programs inside of the Kosciusko County Jail.

Getting a foothold as a newer nonprofit is a huge challenge. Raising awareness for our cause and our work is crucial if we’re going to make any kind of long-term impact in our community! Our primary focus with funding is operating expenses, as we are regularly looking for grants, we have found that there are limited opportunities for grants that support non-profits in rural communities.

By donating to LITE, you can help us reach our goals and make a lasting impact within the communities we serve. Please explore our website,, or follow us on social media by searching @LITEinKCJ to learn more about our mission and the partners who have already joined our cause. 

Together we can make a difference in our community! 

Tammy Cotton

Executive Director

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