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Do you keep Narcan at your place of business?

Most would answer, "No," to that question. Admittedly many would be much more forceful against it. But given the results of this survey by the Wellness Council of Indiana and the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, maybe you should. A link to the WIBC story on the link is at the bottom of the page.

More than half of the businesses surveyed indicated drug abuse affects their employee productivity and absenteeism. 90% acknowledge that drug abuse is a "significant community concern." And most surveyed are trying to implement measures and benefits to help employees who struggle with substance use disorders. It's refreshing and sad at the same time. So, given those numbers and that level of concern, it's time to consider keeping Narcan on hand and being trained it how to use it.

We got a little pushback when LITE moved into its current location in the former Milford UMC, now Milford Methodist Meeting House. Let's just say some folks were not excited about a Narcan dispensing box being attached to the building (it's on the south wall facing our raised garden beds at 210 W. Catherine St., Milford, IN 46542 by the way). But I have received two messages from people who raced to our building to retrieve Narcan from it and used it to save someone's life. Two lives. That's two of humans who are someone's children, perhaps siblings, maybe a parent. They're here today because LITE obtained, displayed, and refills an easy place to get this lifesaving drug.

One of our LITE Recovery Cafe members took this idea to their boss and was charged with getting Narcan to keep onsite. We helped connect them to an initial supply and they've reported two uses of it so far. Perhaps two more lives saved as a result. Kosciusko County has had 15 overdose deaths that we know of this calendar year through mid-July. So, if you think this isn't affecting you, you're wrong. At the very least you're right, for now.

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