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Really? Transportation is an issue?

Yes. It's a big one in rural communities like ours. Topics of conversation I hear often include the price of gas and inflation. Think about what it costs you to operate your vehicle today compared with a few years ago. Now imagine that you've had to start completely over with no savings, no job, and no place to live. If you have a vehicle, how will you pay to register it, insure it, repair it, and purchase fuel for it?

LITE has been blessed with a grant to purchase a minivan our LITEhouse Manager uses to transport residents. And recently (pictured below) benefactors, Ryan & Emily Austin, donated their old car to use when they got a new one. We're so thankful for this wonderful gift. But we need drivers to help our recoverees get to and from work, to probation check-ins, to counseling & medical appointments, and to our Recovery Cafe. For example, we have four Recovery Cafe Members and a potential member residing in our county's temporary homeless shelter. Our team picks them up and takes them home for each Cafe day. And we're now helping them with transportation to and from work and other appointments. That's taxing on a small, independent nonprofit.

We could use collaboration from other nonprofits locally to help folks with rides. We also desperately need volunteers who would drive our vehicles or their own to help with this need.

Pictured (L to R): Ryan Austin,

LITE Exec. Dir. Tammy Cotton, and Emily Austin

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