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This will save lives...and anger some people of course

What is a NaloxBox?

A NaloxBox holds free, readily available intranasal (sprayed through the nose) Naloxone. Naloxone is an emergency intervention tool, with the ability to reverse an opioid overdose. Each Naloxbox contains multiple, prepackaged single doses of naloxone. Anyone can open the Naloxbox, remove the naloxone, and either take with them as a harm reduction tool, or administer it immediately to a person who is overdosing or suspected of overdosing on opioids.

Each box also contains Fentanyl Test Strips (FTS), which allow individuals to test their drugs for traces of fentanyl. FTS has been shown to detect the presence of 10 different kinds of fentanyl within a supply. As a harm reduction tool, these strips give individuals the chance to reduce their risk of an overdose. To learn more about FTS, visit Overdose Lifeline.

And now LITE has one at the Milford Methodist Meeting House! We'll be offering training soon too. But for now, head on over to 210 W. Catherine Street, Milford, IN 46542 to see, or use, our NaloxBox. It is on the south facing outside wall near the play area.

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