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What towns are in Kosciusko County?

If you're like me, and likely most of my fellow county residents, you can't name all the towns in Kosciusko County. But I'm certain the vast majority know full well that Kosciusko County encompasses more than its county seat, Warsaw. It's true! I know there are times it seems like a tough sell to some. So, I've included an old informational piece called a map which helps explain this geographical fact. Maps used to serve purposes other than gerrymandering, but we'll save that for another lesson.

According to the most recent census data, 64,436 of the county's 80,240 residents do not live in Warsaw proper. That means a touch over 80% of the residents reside outside the county seat. Yet the perception remains that entities outside Warsaw can't meet the needs of our county's citizens. Yet, there is no such opposing perception that concentrating all services in the county seat excludes so many of our citizens from said services. Then again, if you aren't the person without a drivers license or reliable transportation living in Enchanted Hills needing to get to Warsaw, you don't see the problem. That takes empathy and the ability to see the big picture.

So, what's the point of this post? It's this. LITE is proudly based in Milford, IN. We're blessed with a collaborative partnership with the Indiana United Methodist Conference's North District to have use of a former United Methodist Church. This partnership has freed capital to use in direct services to those experiencing substance use disorders, mental health challenges, and needed reentry support. And, by the way, Milford is part of Kosciusko County if you look at the top part of the green shaded area in the map. LITE Board Members, staff, and volunteers reside in townships and municipalities throughout Kosciusko County. Oddly enough, some of our team of nearly 100 live in Warsaw and commute within Warsaw and clear up to places like Milford and Syracuse and down to Beaver Dam even! No, seriously, it's true. Because of the internet, cell phones, cars, and virtual meeting platforms our team now serves other counties! LITE Peer Recovery Coaches, Community Health Workers, and Certified Recovery Specialists are building collaborative teams and providing direct services in Kosciusko, Elkhart, St. Joe, Marshall, Fulton, and Cass Counties in our role as a Regional Recovery Hub. Ask us how you can get involved with our mission!

  • Email me at

  • Call the office in Milford at 574-306-0006

  • Visit one of our Recovery Cafe days (Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays)

  • Provide a ride to one of the people we serve

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