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We are always seeking volunteers to support LITE to help us make significant impacts in our community. Volunteers play a crucial role in our organization, and we are deeply grateful for our current volunteers and the positive influence they have on our organization. Without our volunteers, we wouldn't be able to make the significant impact that we do on our community. 


There are various volunteering opportunities available, such as preparing food in our kitchen on Recovery Cafe days, mentoring Recovery Cafe members, assisting with transportation, and volunteering in our jail programs.

Every volunteer opportunity, regardless of size, plays a vital role in assisting our cafe members to progress toward enhancing their lives.

If you would like to volunteer at LITE, click on the link below to fill out an interest form and we will contact you to set something up.

Meet Judy Van Meter, one of our volunteers

Discover how Judy Van Meter got involved with LITE by teaching classes in jail as a volunteer. Listen to the impact volunteering has had on her life and the women she mentors lives.

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