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Peer Recovery Coaching

What is a Peer Recovery Coach?

Peer Recovery Coaches are instrumental in supporting individuals who have experienced incarceration, substance use, and mental health issues. These coaches offer hope, optimism, mentorship and encouragement.

Please fill out the form below if you or a loved one is interested in having a peer recovery coach. We offer peer recovery coaching within the Kosciusko Jail and Work Release facilities. If you have a loved one in Kosciusko County Jail or Work Release who could benefit from a peer recovery coach, you can complete the form on their behalf to access our services.

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What can a Peer Recovery Coach help you with?

Offer hope, optimism, support, mentorship, & encouragement.

Teach coping skills to help improve stress and reduce feelings of being overwhelmed.

To provide resources for housing, emergency needs, employment, and food.

To help you grow as an individual and learn new skills.

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