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Help Launch LITE Recovery Cafe

Our founders, Chris and Tammy Cotton, attended the Jail Ministry of Elkhart County Dessert Banquet last night at Nappanee Missionary Church. What an event! The Essenhaus pies alone were worth the trip they report.

But, more importantly the message...

Cory Martin and this ministry were instrumental in how and why LITE was formed and is doing the work its doing. The theme throughout the night was about equipping people to be in community. Something Cory said in between all the testimonies from judges, people in recovery, and volunteers really struck us. Cory asks, "Are you being tough on crime? Or are you being tough on people?" What a great question.

If we claim to follow Jesus we have two commands: (1) Love God. (2) Love people. That's it. So, what are we doing when we punish without equipping? That isn't love. Love, the love God calls us to exhibit is unlike anything the world has to offer. The love of Jesus is not about fairness; not remotely. Jesus' form of justice is completely unfair beca

use people get what they don't deserve. And thank God for that right?

So, if we're called to that kind of love of our neighbors, then we must give them what they don't deserve. Think about that next time you're tempted to start a sentence with "Those people________" or you hear a politician say they're "tough on crime". Those people are our neighbor and we're commanded to love them. Tough on crime doesn't have to mean tough on people.

This is precisely the path LITE has chosen to follow. Won't you please help us? We're approved to launch a Recovery Café under the Recovery Café Network and need your help to unlock some funding. Please consider partnering with us by donating towards our buy in. We are blessed with some benefactors willing to match dollar for dollar so every little bit you can offer is multiplied. Think of the widow's mite!

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