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Our Executive Director Rocks!

I need to brag about my wife, Tammy Kinerk-Cotton.

In the coming weeks you are going to read and hear about things that LITE in KCJ and our County Government are bringing to our community. Lots - and I do mean LOTS - of people played a role in all this. And I do not mean to diminish any of their efforts, involvement, nor their contributions. But there's an old story about the difference between involvement and commitment which uses a chicken and a it if you're unfamiliar.

At the heart of all that is coming is one person who is always part of the discussion; a seemingly Zelig-like person (although she isn't a chameleon). Tammy is the connector who has pulled together varying, disparate, and sometimes competing entities and individuals while inspiring collaboration among them all. For more than four years she has toiled patiently building LITE and remaining faithful to its mission. She's enlisted allies along the way, endured heartbreak as collaborators revealed their true colors, and daily did the work to help those who most need an advocate. I personally have resigned or quit as a co-founder and the Board President of LITE more times than I can count. I have written people off and cursed them for not coming through as expected or promised. She has not. She persists. She prays. She trusts. She brings me back on task. She amazes. She freaking rocks!

Almost all of this cannot be shared publicly in detail at this juncture. But, trust me, it's good stuff and it is coming.

Stay tuned for more right here!

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